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Countdown in: 3 (Yang x Male Reader)
After a week that went by rather quickly, save for the last day or two which dragged on almost painfully slow, the Vytal festival had begun. Ivan and his team were among the first matches of the day. After they had won their match there was still several more before Yang had her. By the time Yang’s match was over you wanted nothing more than to leave and congratulate her, and by extension her team, over a well-earned victory. Watching her fight for the first time was truly a spectacle to behold, and seeing her enjoy every moment of it made you smile knowing that she had sorted things out with her sister. What didn’t make you smile was having to wait to see her. The seat you got was located high up in the stands, which was a pain to get to and almost resulted in you missing Ivan and his teams match. Yang had told you that both her team and team DINO would be watching team JNPRs match, which took place a couple matches after her own, along with another team which you were unf
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 6
There was something unusual about walking through Beacon at night. It was as if it was a completely different place without the halls filled with the commotion of students rushing to and from class. In some ways the emptiness reminded you of the dreams you had, only this time you knew you it wasn’t going to end like those dreams. Still, despite this added sense of security, you carried your weapon out in shotgun mode, even though you didn’t have to.
“I wish Velvet was here.” you groaned.
It wasn’t too long before you reached your destination, Glynda’s class once again. Earlier she had come to your room to request that you head down there late at night. When you entered Glynda was already present alongside Ozpin and Ironwood, who was standing by the same cage from Professor Port’s class earlier. Some rustling from inside the cage indicated that the Boarbatusk was still inside.
“(y/n).” Ozpin greeted. “I’m sorry for having
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Three Weeks in Three Days:Part Three

Yang x Male Reader

When you arrived at the event with Yang immediately you felt immediately put off once you saw the large crowd of people. While it was expected that there would be a crowd, mostly families from the looks of it, there. Based on previous events you had gone to in the town years ago, you weren’t expecting half as many people to be there.
Despite possibly being overcrowded, it did look impressive. A stage was set up for a band, that was already playing when you arrived, alongside a large dancefloor which overlooked the lake. Nearby was a vast assortment of tables lined with food, allowing attendants to choose as they will, as well as a place for people to sit down. By sheer luck you managed to find a spot for yourselves after getting your food and wading through the large crowd so as not to drop either of your plates.
“Bit too family friendly for the two us huh?” you remarked as several small kids ran past your table.
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 5
The moment you saw the tail, everything else around you seemed to disappear. Velvet, the rest of team CFVY, all the other students and Glynda, nothing they could say or do could get your attention. You were almost paralysed with fear as you watched the fire begin moving up your body until eventually you were covered in flames.
However, they didn't burn, but you did feel pain. It was a pain that felt like every part of your body was slowly being stretched. It forced you to turn your head around, away from the tail. When you looked at one of your hands you saw the fire looked to be completely changing it, making your thumb recede into almost nothing while the rest of your hand was being reformed into one with two clawed fingers. A quick glance at your other hand showed the same thing happening.
The pain quickly became more intense around your face. Fire erupted from it and formed what looked like the snout of an animal. You began screaming from the pain, only for them to be quickly repla
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Three Weeks in Three Days:Part Two

Yang x Male Reader

The first thing to strike you after waking up was the absence of a blanket, save for a tiny fraction covering your lower leg. The warmth you had felt going to sleep the previous night had all but disappeared, replaced by the cool morning air that seeped in through an open window. Reaching out with your hand in an attempt to search for the missing blanket, only for it to meet with something else. It took you a second to process and come to the conclusion that you were touching Yang’s shoulder.
When you moved around you saw that the blanket barely covered her as well, with just the lower part of her body covered while the rest of the blanket seemed to be falling off the bed. Your first instinct was to pull it back up, making sure that it’s warmth would cover you both, and put your arm around her, the same way she put it around herself before going to sleep. Almost immediately she rolled over, allowing you to see her sleeping face,
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Three Weeks in Three Days:Part One

Yang x Male Reader

Patiently you stood by your car, watching an incoming airship with the hope that it was carrying the one person in all of Remnant you were looking for. Immediately you took out your scroll to let her know where to find you once she got out. With that done you opened the back seat of the car and inspected all the items you had placed there early, making sure they were still present. A change of clothes, toiletries, junk food, disposable barbecue, all present and accounted for, as they had been for the last couple of times you checked on them.
She couldn’t come fast enough.
The last time you saw Yang was three weeks ago, when you had invited her over for dinner. The weekend after when you were meant to meet up, you had caught mild food poisoning and had to cancel. After that Yang was unable to meet up for the next two weeks, having to train for the Vytal festival which would start the week after next.
Originally you thought that it would
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 4
You assumed the nightmare you had on your first night would be just that, a nightmare. But after two more sleepless nights it became clear to you that this was probably going to be a permanent thing. And it was always the same dream. You would run until you were frozen on the spot, see those powerful eyes staring at you, then fire would erupt around you and those eyes would remain watching you until you finally woke up and couldn't go back to sleep due to feeling their gaze whenever you tried to. About the only thing that did change was the location. The second dream took place in a random village instead of a forest, while the third one took place at Beacon in the courtyard.
You never bothered telling any of team CFVY about them, claiming that you normally had trouble getting to sleep whenever they brought up your apparent tiredness.
"(y/n) wake up." Velvet said quietly while nudging you gently. Immediately you jolted up slightly.
Velvet had invited you to join her in one of her class
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Family Matters (Yang X Male Reader)
"So; who's the girl?" your dad asked. You managed to react to his question with the usual indifference that was to be expected from you whenever you were asked a personal question, although you were confused as to why he would ask that question. Sure, you had been messaging Yang for the last few minutes while you were working, in fact, you had been doing it a lot recently, you had done nothing to suggest to either of your parents that you were chatting with your girlfriend.
"Don't know what you're on about." you responded dryly while getting up from your slouched position on the counter.
"Just seems like your hiding a girlfriend from us. You're out of the house a lot more often..."
"I'm with Ivan and his team." you reasoned.
"... you're quick to hide your scroll whenever someone walks in, you've never done that until recently..."
"Why are you even paying attention to that?"
"... and you seem to be in a much better mood than usual."
"Doesn't mean I have a girlfriend."
Before your dad co
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 3
You were fuming with anger from what Ironwood had said. Fuelled entirely by anger and instinct you took a heavy step forward, with the intention of inflicting harm with your newfound strength. Before you could even take a second step you came into contact with an unknown force, knocking you back to the ground and making you realise what you were about to do.
"What the hell was that?" you angrily asked.
"Please control yourself." Glynda advised you in a strict, but calm tone, her arm lowering with something you didn't get a proper look at in her hand.
"I'm sorry (y/n)." Ironwood said. "But you're underage with no parents or guardian we can contact. For the time being you are under our responsibility. We cannot in good faith let you out on your own."
"I'm not a little kid." you protested. "And I've been on my own for years."
"We're aware of that. But there's also the fact that we don't know entirely what Bakker's experiment has done to you. It could make you a potential threat to anyone
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Another Night (Yang x Male Reader)
Previous Chapter
The sound of metal clashing against metal filled your ears, broken occasionally by a few bursts of automatic gunfire. You looked up from your scroll every now and again to let your friend know that you were watching. If you were single then you would have been fully engrossed in watching Ivan spar with Owen. But being at Beacon again only made you think about one person, Yang, who wasn’t there at the moment.
Ivan decided to bring you up to Beacon again after his team leader had come up with a girl’s night out with Nima, Yang and her team, and Nora and Pyrrha. You had no idea what they would be doing outside of going to movie, though you were told by Ivan that they’d be gone for a good bit. Yang didn’t know that you were at Beacon, Ivan having suggested that you not tell her so you could surprise her. You messaged her on your scroll while y
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Your mind was the first thing to wake up. You wondered if you were dead, something which was terrifying if the unending black void which surrounded you was all that you faced after death. But what was worse was the fact that you had died only seconds after it felt like you were finally free and those four individuals wasted their time trying to save you.
But then a glimmer of hope. You felt something on the palm of your hand, something soft, something that you hadn't felt in a long time, a bed. You were lying in a bed. Your eyes finally opened, greeting you with the sight of a room with multiple beds, illuminated by the light of day. The first thing you did you did was lie there. You had forgotten what it felt like to be in a bed and being in one again brought a pleasant feeling to you.
After about five minutes you sat up. Another thing caught your attention. Next to your bed was a tray of that had some bread and a bottle of water. You assumed that it was for you, give
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Heart to Heart: Part 2 (Yang x Male reader)
If you were a student at Beacon there was no doubt in your mind that Yang would be someone that you would have a crush on. As shallow as it may sound, her physical appearance alone would have probably sufficed. But with that aside there were other reasons she would catch your eye. She was a cheerful and outgoing person, easily able to make friends with others. Even if you had just a few minutes of conversation with her that would be enough to have you become infatuated with her.
But all it would ever amount to was a crush. You would've never done anything about your attraction to her and would most likely end up watching from a distance while she would end up with someone else with more confidence than you.
But that wasn't the case. In what could be considered the biggest stroke of luck, Yang thought that you of all people were worth her time. While you couldn't complain, it was mind boggling to you why she did. There had to be some reason that the girl, who was currently resting her h
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Strength Within (Velvet x Male Reader) Chapter 1
Chapter 1
You wondered if what you saw was just the drugs in your system. You were injected daily with various drugs. Bakker explained to you that this was to keep you in the right state so that you wouldn't attempt to escape. You had never experienced hallucinations from them before so you assumed that you had been given a new drug. That would also explain why that one girl had rabbit ears.
"The panel in front of the pit. That'll activate the bridge and release me."
After hearing this the girl with rabbit ears ran towards the terminal. In an instant you were overcome with relief as the pain in your aching arms began to disappear as you dropped to the ground. You heard the sound of the bridge once again, followed by footsteps across it. You tried to push yourself up but your legs refused to move.
"Can you get up ?" the girl with rabbit ears asked you.
"I need a sec. I can't move my legs."
"Let me give you a hand."
After saying that she crouched down, put your arm around her sho
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Heart to Heart: Part 1 (Yang x Male Reader)
Working in the heat was not a new experience for you. It was something you thought you'd gotten used to but this week seemed to be an exception. Before the week started you made arrangements with Yang to go out for dinner, you didn't settle on anywhere specific. Needless to say that was all you could think about. That proved to be a bother while you were working. You wanted time to go by faster so Saturday could come and you could be with Yang again. Since time seemed to move much more slower the heat got to you more, to the point where you could've sworn you saw it visibly distorting the air while you were working. This led to it becoming increasingly uncomfortable to stand in the same spot for hours, which led to you pacing around the shop many times during the day, usually stopping by the fridge to stand by it for a while until customers came in.
Around halfway through the week your plans for Saturday changed. Yang messaged you, inviting you to the beach. Before you could even reply
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New Horizons (Yang x Male Reader)
Yang had insisted that both of you go to Junior's club on your second date. While you were somewhat reluctant on the idea of going to a club there was no place that came to mind where you could take her. Beforehand you met up with her at a nearby pizzeria for something to eat. Not much was said while there, just typical 'how are you ?' and a little catching up.
Only seconds after you both entered the club you were greeted with the last thing you expected, many guns aimed at both you and Yang. Yang didn't seem phased by this at all. You on the other hand nearly jumped on the spot in shock, feeling like you should put your hands up until you looked at Yang, letting you know there was no need to panic. This ended quickly though when you spotted a rather tall, black haired man, who you assumed was Junior ordering them to put their weapons away.
"What do you want this time Blondie ?" he asked Yang.
"Nothing this time. The two of us are just here to have some fun."
The man looked at you brie
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First Date (Yang x Male Reader)
Normally when you were working the cash register time seemed to just drag on but today seemed to be an exception. It felt like only minutes ago you started and now all of a sudden there was only half an hour before your shift ended. Thankfully the shop was quiet in that last half hour, with only one customer. That customer in question was a regular, Mrs Greene, an elderly woman in her late 50s that lived not too far from the shop. You knew her your entire life, both your mom and dad being friendly with her and she came over to the shop at least once a week. You weren't paying much attention to her while she was browsing. In fact you seemed to be oblivious to the fact that she was even there, evidenced by the fact that you were singing loud enough for her to hear you.
"... and suddenly we start to smile. The sun is out for a while..."
"Ah you've a lovely voice (y/n)." Mrs Greene said as she approached the register.
"It sounds much better in my head." you remark as you take her items and
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Fallen Kingdom (Velvet Scarlatina Xreader) pt 1
A/n: Hello everyone I'm sorry this has taken so long as well as other things I promise. But Here is one step forward.
Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY, it's characters, or you the reader.
Shout-out to :iconNehpetsSanders: for helping naming the kingdoms.
Vale, 158 years ago...
A bright kingdom high in the mountains of vale is under siege by the largest hoard of grimm in history.
????: My Empress the dark monsters are forcing their ways inside our kingdom's walls what shall we do?!
A woman dressed in brown and gold robes sits on a throne thinking as the sounds of fighting outside is hear her rabbit ears droop also hearing the screams of her people.
empress: Send word to Captain (L/n). Tell him to have every man and soldier ready to fight. We will defend our kingdom to the soul.
???: yes my lady, it shall be do...
A large explosion is heard followed by sounds of screams and roars fill the silent void. The king gets up and rushes to a window and sees that the kingdom's
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I didn't think it was possible to make a games festival boring, but I was wrong. My place caught fire last week and that wasn't nearly as miserable.
I'm the only person who can burn his dinner and still have it come out cold.


As you can tell by the title I have something I want to say. For a couple of months now I've had an idea for my third RWBY reader insert floating in my head but never got around to planning it out. It will probably be a month or two before I even get around to working on the first chapter because I have to work on my other stories as well as work outside of my stories.

The basic idea of the story is that it's a horror story set in a real world AU, a fairly standard monster shows up and terrorizes a small town type of story called Love in the Time of Carnosauria (don't know how drunk I was when I came up with that but I like it.)

I have two different versions of the story depending on which girl is going to be the love interest. The choices are either Yang or Blake. I'm not sure which one to pick so I thought I'd let you decide who it should be. Leave a comment on who you want it to be and when the first chapter is out you'll find out which one it is.

Also please don't suggest that it be both of them. I'm not a big fan of multiple characters x reader stories. I've nothing against them, their just not my cup of tea.


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