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Countdown in: 1 (Yang x Male Reader)
In an instant all the spectators went from cheering to erupting into an uproar.
Ruby, Weiss and Blake looked at the scene horrified at what had just unfolded.
And your mind raced a mile a minute while you tried to make sense of what just happened.
You refused to believe that Yang would just attack someone without provocation, but what you had just seen said otherwise.
Yet her face told a different story. Even from where you sat in the stands you could see how confused and frightened she looked as the monitors in the arena replayed the moment over and over. Just seeing that look on her face, like a child after realising what they just did was wrong, was soul crushing, especially on Yang of all people.
Perhaps the worst thing about it all was the conflicting feelings you were having. The person who the crowd was jeering and booing at was not the outgoing, funny, affectionate person you had spent countless hours and had fallen in love with. You could say with one hundred percent confidenc
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Mature content
Love in the Time of Carnosauria :iconbarugone:barugone 8 4
Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 8
“It’s incredible.” Ironwood commented while he finished circling your transformed state for the fifth time.
“But what exactly is it?” Glynda asked. “I don’t think there’s anything in all of Remnant like it.”
You ignored the ensuing conversation between the two, opting instead to continue practising in your transformed state. in it proved to be the most difficult task. Taking a couple of strides forward was fine, but when it came to walking you struggled, especially when it came to turning. Heaving the bulk of your new form, whether it was a sharp turn or just the smallest shift in direction, resulted in you tumbling to the ground more than once. Admittedly you felt there wasn’t enough room in the arena, and it had only been an hour and half since you began practice, you were expecting that you’d be able to move around without problem, given how you were able to win a fight against an Ursa in it, although looking back you
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Countdown in: 2 (Yang x Male Reader)
The hours were counting down in your head. That big moment with Yang had just a day to go. Nervousness, excitement, the occasional bit of worry that you would mess it all up, were all things you experienced. The night had to be perfect for her and you would settle for nothing less, how you were going to accomplish that though remained to be seen.
You found yourself pondering that thought a lot, even as she happily sat in your while you did everything in your power to keep her lips connected with your own so she wouldn’t pull the same thing she did the previous day, all while her teammates and friends looked away awkwardly, at least that’s what you assumed. Your eyes were closed and even if they were open all that would be in your field of view was Yang’s head, so you had no idea how your peers were reacting to the scene that was unfolding between you and her.
Unlike the day before where you were close to the top of the stands, this time Yang was able to get you sittin
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Mature content
Love in the Time of Carnosauria :iconbarugone:barugone 13 6
Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 7
You had finally gotten what could be considered a proper night's sleep. The recurring dream you'd been having every night was absent, replaced by vivid recollections of the events that had taken place. It was nothing that woke you up and stopped you from going back to sleep. Instead, while reliving every second, you tried to find any semblance of meaning behind everything that happened, if there was any.
Perhaps the thing that bothered you most was how the people, whose care you were supposedly under, would so readily put you in danger. They may have given you their assurance that if things were to get out of hand they would step in but you didn't have the highest opinion of them in the first place, still having a strong distrust from them making you stay at Beacon.
You woke up, confused, irritated, and feeling no better than you would if you had the dream that kept you from falling asleep. What didn't help was the banging on your door.
"(y/n) open up now!" Coco ordered, her voice bein
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Countdown in: 3 (Yang x Male Reader)
After a week that went by rather quickly, save for the last day or two which dragged on almost painfully slow, the Vytal festival had begun. Ivan and his team were among the first matches of the day. After they had won their match there was still several more before Yang had her. By the time Yang’s match was over you wanted nothing more than to leave and congratulate her, and by extension her team, over a well-earned victory. Watching her fight for the first time was truly a spectacle to behold, and seeing her enjoy every moment of it made you smile knowing that she had sorted things out with her sister. What didn’t make you smile was having to wait to see her. The seat you got was located high up in the stands, which was a pain to get to and almost resulted in you missing Ivan and his teams match. Yang had told you that both her team and team DINO would be watching team JNPRs match, which took place a couple matches after her own, along with another team which you were unf
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 6
There was something unusual about walking through Beacon at night. It was as if it was a completely different place without the halls filled with the commotion of students rushing to and from class. In some ways the emptiness reminded you of the dreams you had, only this time you knew you it wasn’t going to end like those dreams. Still, despite this added sense of security, you carried your weapon out in shotgun mode, even though you didn’t have to.
“I wish Velvet was here.” you groaned.
It wasn’t too long before you reached your destination, Glynda’s class once again. Earlier she had come to your room to request that you head down there late at night. When you entered Glynda was already present alongside Ozpin and Ironwood, who was standing by the same cage from Professor Port’s class earlier. Some rustling from inside the cage indicated that the Boarbatusk was still inside.
“(y/n).” Ozpin greeted. “I’m sorry for having
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Three Weeks in Three Days:Part Three

Yang x Male Reader

When you arrived at the event with Yang immediately you felt immediately put off once you saw the large crowd of people. While it was expected that there would be a crowd, mostly families from the looks of it, there. Based on previous events you had gone to in the town years ago, you weren’t expecting half as many people to be there.
Despite possibly being overcrowded, it did look impressive. A stage was set up for a band, that was already playing when you arrived, alongside a large dancefloor which overlooked the lake. Nearby was a vast assortment of tables lined with food, allowing attendants to choose as they will, as well as a place for people to sit down. By sheer luck you managed to find a spot for yourselves after getting your food and wading through the large crowd so as not to drop either of your plates.
“Bit too family friendly for the two us huh?” you remarked as several small kids ran past your table.
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 5
The moment you saw the tail, everything else around you seemed to disappear. Velvet, the rest of team CFVY, all the other students and Glynda, nothing they could say or do could get your attention. You were almost paralysed with fear as you watched the fire begin moving up your body until eventually you were covered in flames.
However, they didn't burn, but you did feel pain. It was a pain that felt like every part of your body was slowly being stretched. It forced you to turn your head around, away from the tail. When you looked at one of your hands you saw the fire looked to be completely changing it, making your thumb recede into almost nothing while the rest of your hand was being reformed into one with two clawed fingers. A quick glance at your other hand showed the same thing happening.
The pain quickly became more intense around your face. Fire erupted from it and formed what looked like the snout of an animal. You began screaming from the pain, only for them to be quickly repla
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Three Weeks in Three Days:Part Two

Yang x Male Reader

The first thing to strike you after waking up was the absence of a blanket, save for a tiny fraction covering your lower leg. The warmth you had felt going to sleep the previous night had all but disappeared, replaced by the cool morning air that seeped in through an open window. Reaching out with your hand in an attempt to search for the missing blanket, only for it to meet with something else. It took you a second to process and come to the conclusion that you were touching Yang’s shoulder.
When you moved around you saw that the blanket barely covered her as well, with just the lower part of her body covered while the rest of the blanket seemed to be falling off the bed. Your first instinct was to pull it back up, making sure that it’s warmth would cover you both, and put your arm around her, the same way she put it around herself before going to sleep. Almost immediately she rolled over, allowing you to see her sleeping face,
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Three Weeks in Three Days:Part One

Yang x Male Reader

Patiently you stood by your car, watching an incoming airship with the hope that it was carrying the one person in all of Remnant you were looking for. Immediately you took out your scroll to let her know where to find you once she got out. With that done you opened the back seat of the car and inspected all the items you had placed there early, making sure they were still present. A change of clothes, toiletries, junk food, disposable barbecue, all present and accounted for, as they had been for the last couple of times you checked on them.
She couldn’t come fast enough.
The last time you saw Yang was three weeks ago, when you had invited her over for dinner. The weekend after when you were meant to meet up, you had caught mild food poisoning and had to cancel. After that Yang was unable to meet up for the next two weeks, having to train for the Vytal festival which would start the week after next.
Originally you thought that it would
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 4
You assumed the nightmare you had on your first night would be just that, a nightmare. But after two more sleepless nights it became clear to you that this was probably going to be a permanent thing. And it was always the same dream. You would run until you were frozen on the spot, see those powerful eyes staring at you, then fire would erupt around you and those eyes would remain watching you until you finally woke up and couldn't go back to sleep due to feeling their gaze whenever you tried to. About the only thing that did change was the location. The second dream took place in a random village instead of a forest, while the third one took place at Beacon in the courtyard.
You never bothered telling any of team CFVY about them, claiming that you normally had trouble getting to sleep whenever they brought up your apparent tiredness.
"(y/n) wake up." Velvet said quietly while nudging you gently. Immediately you jolted up slightly.
Velvet had invited you to join her in one of her class
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Family Matters (Yang X Male Reader)
"So; who's the girl?" your dad asked. You managed to react to his question with the usual indifference that was to be expected from you whenever you were asked a personal question, although you were confused as to why he would ask that question. Sure, you had been messaging Yang for the last few minutes while you were working, in fact, you had been doing it a lot recently, you had done nothing to suggest to either of your parents that you were chatting with your girlfriend.
"Don't know what you're on about." you responded dryly while getting up from your slouched position on the counter.
"Just seems like your hiding a girlfriend from us. You're out of the house a lot more often..."
"I'm with Ivan and his team." you reasoned.
"... you're quick to hide your scroll whenever someone walks in, you've never done that until recently..."
"Why are you even paying attention to that?"
"... and you seem to be in a much better mood than usual."
"Doesn't mean I have a girlfriend."
Before your dad co
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Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) Chapter 3
You were fuming with anger from what Ironwood had said. Fuelled entirely by anger and instinct you took a heavy step forward, with the intention of inflicting harm with your newfound strength. Before you could even take a second step you came into contact with an unknown force, knocking you back to the ground and making you realise what you were about to do.
"What the hell was that?" you angrily asked.
"Please control yourself." Glynda advised you in a strict, but calm tone, her arm lowering with something you didn't get a proper look at in her hand.
"I'm sorry (y/n)." Ironwood said. "But you're underage with no parents or guardian we can contact. For the time being you are under our responsibility. We cannot in good faith let you out on your own."
"I'm not a little kid." you protested. "And I've been on my own for years."
"We're aware of that. But there's also the fact that we don't know entirely what Bakker's experiment has done to you. It could make you a potential threat to anyone
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Another Night (Yang x Male Reader)
Previous Chapter
The sound of metal clashing against metal filled your ears, broken occasionally by a few bursts of automatic gunfire. You looked up from your scroll every now and again to let your friend know that you were watching. If you were single then you would have been fully engrossed in watching Ivan spar with Owen. But being at Beacon again only made you think about one person, Yang, who wasn’t there at the moment.
Ivan decided to bring you up to Beacon again after his team leader had come up with a girl’s night out with Nima, Yang and her team, and Nora and Pyrrha. You had no idea what they would be doing outside of going to movie, though you were told by Ivan that they’d be gone for a good bit. Yang didn’t know that you were at Beacon, Ivan having suggested that you not tell her so you could surprise her. You messaged her on your scroll while y
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The Dragon And The Mouse (MReaderXYang)
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Story Time
You sat in the back of the class next to the window and just started out the window and didn’t give a care a world on what happened to you or the people around. You were socially awkward around people and always spent your time in the library or on the roof. You were thinking about if you were invisible on how you would just stay home or hide somewhere quiet. Your attention was caught by the blonde who walked into the room.
Teacher: “This is Yang Xaio Long are transfer student from Vale High school into Beacon High.”
You: ‘Great another person to block out.”
Yang: “I am here to start off my semester with a Yang.”
The whole class laughed but you just stared out the window.
Yang: ‘Why is he the only one who didn’t laugh.’
For the whole class period you just ignored he
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I didn't think it was possible to make a games festival boring, but I was wrong. My place caught fire last week and that wasn't nearly as miserable.
I'm the only person who can burn his dinner and still have it come out cold.


I'm just after noticing that I reached 100 watchers on this site. I seriously can't thank you all enough. When I began writing my stories I never imagined that so many would enjoy them.

The past month has be rough for me. My place caught fire, resulting in me and my housemates being scattered around while we wait for it to be repaired and renovated. I was unfortunate enough to end up in alone in my landlords place which he is rarely at. The only thing that's kept me going for the past month was working on my stories in the dead of night until I was ready to fall asleep. It's rough, but it'll be over soon. 
Anyway thanks again to all of you. This and knowing that I'm no too far from hitting 200 followers on my wattpad account makes me glad I began writing these stories in the first place and stuck with them long enough to reach this point. A few days ago I released the first chapter of my third story and right now I have ideas for two more floating around in my head, I've also thought about writing the occasional one-shot story every now and again alongside a possible lemon chapter for my Yang x Reader story(I'm not sure what this sites policy on them is so I'll have to look it up), not to mention that my other stories are still far from over. One last time, thank you all so much, you're all awesome. Here's to reaching 100 watchers and hopefully reaching 100 more.


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